X Will Mark the Spot For Cluff Geothermal Borehole

11th April 2012

Cluff Geothermal have commissioned research to identify the ideal location for their geothermal borehole at Shiremoor, North Tyneside. This will produce a model of the site’s geology, helping the Cluff team understand the likely rock structure at depth. This will feed into planning for drilling the initial borehole, which Cluff expect will begin before the end of 2012. Further work, including detailed analysis of historical records held by the Coal Authority, will map out the relatively shallow geology of the site allowing Cluff to select the most favourable spot for the borehole.

George Percy, Cluff Geothermal’s Managing Director, said ‘the geology at our Shiremoor site is excellent for deep geothermal energy, lying as it does between two major faults: the 90 Fathom Fault and Rising Sun Fault. On what is quite a large site, we want to ensure we drill towards the region at depth likely to have the best temperatures and water flow. We also need to understand where the old mine workings are. There were several collieries in the area, which in fact were famous for the presence of very warm water! The research we have commissioned will provide us with the detailed knowledge we need before we can start on site testing and then drilling. The Shiremoor project is really starting to come alive.’