Dr Michael Feliks elected Chair of Deep Geothermal Sector Group at the Renewable Energy Association

11th July 2013

Dr Michael Feliks, UK Operations Manager at Cluff Geothermal, has been elected chair of the deep geothermal sector group at the Renewable Energy Association. Taking over from Dr Ryan Law of Geothermal Engineering Limited, Michael will be responsible for representing the sector group, co-ordinating advice from the sector on UK Government strategy and policy, and lobbying Government to deliver a workable legislative framework for the sector to grow.

The REA’s Deep Geothermal Sector Group represents companies, individuals and organisations interested in both deep geothermal heat and/or power.  It therefore has interests in multiple policy areas, such as the Renewable Obligation (RO), the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Electricity Market Reform (EMR), deep geothermal licencing and planning, and district heating. Other members of the sector group include Siemens, GT Energy, Sinclair Knight Merz, Wasabi Energy and Tescos.

“Michael is the perfect person for the role”, said George Percy, Managing Director of Cluff Geothermal.  “Having previously worked at DECC leading on the deep geothermal policy area, he has a broad knowledge of the UK’s deep geothermal industry and what Government can do to support its growth in these crucial formative years.  He is well respected in the industry and in Government, while his role at Cluff Geothermal encompassing projects involving both power production and heating.  He is therefore well placed to represent all facets of the industry.

Deep Geothermal is on the cusp of moving into the mainstream of renewable energy production, especially deep geothermal heating that compliments a drive within Government to increase the roll-out of heat networks across the country, and there is no one better to represent the REA’s deep geothermal sector members than Michael”.