Cluff Geothermal Shortlisted for Bogoria Silali Power Plant development

1st November 2011

Cluff Geothermal Ltd (‘CGL’) can confirm that they have been shortlisted as part of a consortium made up of Mitsubishi, Mannvitt and TransCentury for a power project at the Bogoria Silali geothermal prospect in Kenya.

Surface geothermemetry estimates aquifer resources in the range of 270 °C – 320 °C.

A RFP document will be released to shortlisted parties which will include indentifying appropriate financial structures and developmental methodology for the resource.

Bogoria- Silali is a huge resource prospect in the northern part of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley with considerable surface manifestations including fumaroles, Steam jets, very high temperature hot Springs and steaming and altered ground.

CGL is a geothermal prospecting exploration and development company based in London with considerable technical background and fundraising credentials.