Cluff Geothermal congratulates Uhuru Kenyatta on his swearing in as President of Kenya

10th April 2013

On March 4th Kenya held its 5th multiparty general election, which saw 86% of the 14 million registered voters turn out to vote. Like many others Cluff Geothermal have been watching the electoral process in Kenya with great interest.

On March 16th Uhuru Kenyatta was declared victor, although a petition was filed to the Supreme Court by the opposition citing irregularities at various tally centres across the country. This channel of redress is available under the new 2010 Constitution, which also created Senators, Governors, National Assembly Members (MPS) and Constituency Representatives to replace what was the previous Parliamentary system. On March 30th the Supreme Court rejected the petition, which meant that Uhuru Kenyatta became Kenya’s fourth President.

Cluff Geothermal congratulate President Kenyatta and his Vice President William Ruto on their election.