April 2014 Algy and Blondel Cluff step down as directors

30th April 2014

We wish to announce the resignation of our Chairman, Algy Cluff, and his wife, Blondel Cluff, from the Board of Cluff Geothermal. Mr Cluff has written to Managing Director, George Percy, and to the shareholders of Cluff Geothermal outlining his reasoning for his decision, which relates to a need to focus exclusively on his other energy projects at Cluff Natural Resources (a listed energy company founded by Mr Cluff, but with no other relationship to Cluff Geothermal).

Algy Cluff said ‘I will continue to follow the progress of Cluff Geothermal with enthusiasm, and remain extremely proud at having co-founded the company that took my name. Both my wife Blondel and I have thoroughly enjoyed the three years we have spent as Non-Executive Directors of the company, and we have confidence that the interests of the shareholders will be protected and promoted by George Percy and his colleagues.”

Managing Director, George Percy, says, “We are very sorry to see Algy and Blondel stepping down. Mr Cluff has steered this company through our critical early years with the experience and good humour of someone who has done it all before many times over. Both he and Blondel have become good friends and we have all enjoyed working hard together to promote the company’s interests in deep geothermal – a technology we all feel very strongly and positive about. The level of experience they brought has been invaluable to the company.”

Cluff Geothermal’s Vice Chairman, Sir Christopher Edwards, has assumed the position of Chairman.