Hotspur Geothermal is pledged to help deliver a clean energy future in the countries in which we operate. Health, safety and the environment are at the heart of our approach to energy development. It is important to us that we not rest on the principle of providing a clean and environmentally sustainable source of energy, but also do what we can to maximise the benefits to local communities and their environment with our installations.

Hotspur Geothermal is committed to the exploration, development and production of geothermal energy in a manner that minimises the health and safety risk to all our employees, visitors, contractors and any interested and affected parties. We are committed to a goal of zero harm to people and communities where we work. Field operations are carried out in accordance with the Company’s health and safety policy and ‘golden rules’.

Hotspur Geothermal believe the development of geothermal energy must be done in ways that support communities at local and national level, occupying a minimal environmental footprint while generating employment for local residents where possible. In doing so we recognise our responsibility to ensure that internationally recognised standards and principles on safe operation and environmental and social impact are adhered to across our operations, at all levels and in all locations, and are committed to exceeding international and national regulatory requirements.

We ensure that the socio-economic impact of our projects on communities is as positive as possible, and that project development fully integrates the need for stakeholder engagement, recognition of cultural and environmental sensitivities, the establishment of live project monitoring and, where necessary, the swift and fair management of any grievances. These commitments are especially important where our activities take place in emerging economies, in which we redouble our efforts to ensure direct benefits to local communities.