Cluff Geothermal were contracted by the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) to drill top-hole sections of geothermal boreholes in Menengai, Kenya as part of a ‘mixed-fleet’ drilling programme.

Hotspur Geothermal Limited operate under the name Cluff Geothermal Limited in Kenya. Cluff Geothermal own and operate a 92 tonne Atlas CopCo 'Predator' drilling rig.

Cluff Geothermal's drilling operation at Menengai has proven the success of a mixed-fleet drilling strategy for geothermal production drilling: the first example of such an approach in Africa.

The Menengai Crater is located approximately 100 km north west of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The drill sites at Menengai are situated within a large volcanic caldera. Despite the rapidly growing city of Nakuru only a few kilometres south of the site, access to the drilling area is restricted with only one untarmacked road in operation. Cluff Geothermal’s 92 tonne drilling rig is specifically designed to be highly manoeuvrable and well suited to challenging, remote environments.

Drilling rigs and supplies cannot be sourced from within Kenya and must be imported from overseas. Cluff Geothermal operate robust procurement and import processes to deliver spare parts and ancillary equipment when needed with minimal delay. Drilling consumables are sourced from local and international suppliers – the company’s procurement process is transparent and highly effective to ensure their timely delivery.

Owing to the site’s remoteness, semi-permanent camp facilities were required for the drilling teams. In line with company policy, Cluff Geothermal’s drilling camp at Menengai was designed to fully meet international standards of health and safety and environmental sensitivity.




Geothermal Development Company

Contract Award:

January 2013


20,000m of top-hole drilling