Professor Paul Younger

2 May 2018

The company regrets to announce that Professor Paul Younger, Hotspur Geothermal’s Technical Director, has died peacefully after an illness at the age of 55.

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Cluff Geothermal gets the go ahead for Power Purchase Agreement kick-off meeting with Ethiopian Electric Power for its Fantale Licence in Ethiopia

26 June 2017

Following a positive meeting between Cluff Geothermal and the state power company, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), in Addis Ababa in June 2017, arranged by the British Embassy, Cluff has been given the go ahead to set up a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) kick off meeting.

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Cluff Geothermal complete resource assessment at Fantale, Ethiopia

18 April 2017

Cluff Geothermal Limited (CG), a subsidiary of Hotspur Geothermal Limited, has completed a pre-drilling resource assessment within the Fantale Geothermal Licence Area, Ethiopia. CG’s aim in Ethiopia is to explore for, finance and generate electricity to be sold into the Ethiopian grid under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Ethiopian Government.

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Cluff Geothermal announces its annual results

3 August 2016

Cluff Geothermal, a geothermal development company with an exploration license in Ethiopia, is pleased to announce the release of its annual results for the year ended 31 March 2016.

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Cluff Geothermal join with Richard Benyon MP to build UK-Ethiopian trade links

28 June 2016

Cluff Geothermal's Chief Financial Officer, Peter Dixon-Clarke, joined Richard Benyon MP, David Cameron’s appointed trade envoy to Ethiopia, for a trade mission to the country from 10 to 12 May 2016.

The mission's objective was to introduce UK businesses to the many and growing commercial opportunities in Ethiopia.





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Cluff Geothermal plays key role in ground-breaking Scottish geothermal study

25 March 2016

The Aberdeenshire Town of Banchory could soon be using low carbon geothermal heat. Just north of the town stands the Hill of Fare, a huge mass of granite extending several kilometres down into the earth. Could the huge amounts of heat deep below it be harnessed to drive the town's Heat network, providing low carbon - and low cost - heat for homes and businesses?     

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Cluff Geothermal complete major geophysical survey at Fantale, Ethiopia

26 February 2016
Cluff Geothermal have successfully completed a major geophysical survey at their flagship Ethiopian geothermal energy project, at Mount Fantale, Oromia Region. The USD$1m magnetotelluric (MT) survey recorded data from 250 sites within Cluff’s Fantale Geothermal Licence Area. Once analysed, the data will help identify locations for the planned exploratory geothermal drilling programme. The survey was conducted with the close cooperation of the local community, and at times employed up to 50 local workers. Cluff Geothermal carefully managed the environmental impact of the survey work, which was minimal.
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Cluff Geothermal and African Union sign GRMF surface studies grant contract

27 January 2016

On 21 January at the African Union Commission (AUC) Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Cluff Geothermal Ltd signed a grant contract with the AUC for financial support to conduct surface study works at their Fantale Geothermal Licence Area in Ethiopia. The grant contract was signed by the AUC Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, Dr. Elham Ibrahim and George Percy, Managing Director of Cluff Geothermal. The grant’s value totalled US$860,000 and will support the completion of pre-drilling surface study works at Cluff’s Fantale Geothermal Licence Area in Ethiopia. 

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Cluff Geothermal approved for GRMF funding at Butajira, Ethiopia

24 December 2015

Cluff Geothermal have been approved for Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility (GRMF) funding at Butajira in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region of Ethiopia. The non-refundable grant of over US$600,000 is to support surface study works which will result in exploratory drill site identification. 

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Cluff Geothermal wins approval for GRMF funding at Fantale, Ethiopia

24 December 2015

Cluff Geothermal has qualified for support of just over US$3.8 million from the Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility (GRMF). This will be in the form of a non-refundable grant to support the company’s exploration drilling at its Fantale Geothermal Licence Area, in Ethiopia. 

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Cluff Geothermal welcome the continuation of the Renewable Heat Incentive

26 November 2015

Cluff Geothermal welcomes the confirmation, made as part of the Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review, that the renewable heat incentive (RHI) will continue as the key financial support instrument for renewable heat generators in the UK, and notes that there will be a review of the RHI to make it offer better ‘value for money’.

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Cluff Geothermal to benefit from US$10 million facility

17 September 2015

Cluff Geothermal will benefit from a US$10 million facility secured on 17 September 2015 by Hotspur Geothermal, a related company. The facility will support Cluff’s ongoing business through to exploration drilling and allow it to maintain greater control of existing and potential projects.  

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Cluff Geothermal attend the World Geothermal Congress, Melbourne

30 April 2015

The world's leading geothermal businesses and academics came together for their five-yearly world congress in Melbourne, Australia in April 2015 and Cluff Geothermal - including Managing Director George Percy - were delighted to play a prominent role.

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Cluff Geothermal’s North East projects in the spotlight

17 December 2014

On 17 December the Journal, the respected Newcastle-based newspaper, ran an article focussing on Cluff Geothermal’s projects in the North East of England.

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Cluff Geothermal helping to bring deep geothermal energy to Bishop Auckland

19 September 2014
Cluff Geothermal are working with Auckland Castle Trust on a flagship deep geothermal project in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. This will potentially give the town the greenest, most low carbon heating system in the UK. Read More

April 2014 Algy and Blondel Cluff step down as directors

30 April 2014

We wish to announce the resignation of our Chairman, Algy Cluff, and his wife, Blondel Cluff, from the Board of Cluff Geothermal. Mr Cluff has written to Managing Director, George Percy, and to the shareholders of Cluff Geothermal outlining his reasoning for his decision, which relates to a need to focus exclusively on his other energy projects at Cluff Natural Resources (a listed energy company founded by Mr Cluff, but with no other relationship to Cluff Geothermal).

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Cluff Geothermal received Water Abstraction Licence for North Tyneside borehole

12 September 2013

 The Environment Agency has awarded Cluff Geothermal a Water Abstraction Licence that grants the company permission to utilise deep geothermal waters for energy production purposes.

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Dr Michael Feliks elected Chair of Deep Geothermal Sector Group at the Renewable Energy Association

11 July 2013

Dr Michael Feliks, UK Operations Manager at Cluff Geothermal, has been elected chair of the deep geothermal sector group at the Renewable Energy Association. Taking over from Dr Ryan Law of Geothermal Engineering Limited, Michael will be responsible for representing the sector group, co-ordinating advice from the sector on UK Government strategy and policy, and lobbying Government to deliver a workable legislative framework for the sector to grow.  

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Cluff Geothermal congratulates Uhuru Kenyatta on his swearing in as President of Kenya

10 April 2013

On March 4th Kenya held its 5th multiparty general election, which saw 86% of the 14 million registered voters turn out to vote. Like many others Cluff Geothermal have been watching the electoral process in Kenya with great interest.

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Cluff Geothermal join Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP on a trade mission to Ethiopia.

21 February 2013

George Percy and George Delacherois Day from Cluff Geothermal joined Nick Clegg on a trade mission to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last week. The Deputy Prime Minister was in Ethiopia to promote the UK Presidency of the G8 to members of the African Union. Eight companies were represented in the delegation alongside Cluff Geothermal, including G4S, JCB, De La Rue, and Diageo to discuss investment opportunities and the business operating environment in Ethiopia.

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Cluff Geothermal take part in successful DECC Low Carbon Trade Mission to East Africa

17 October 2012

Cluff Geothermal played a prominent role in the recent DECC low carbon Trade Mission to Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania led by Greg Barker MP. With other Mission delegates Cluff met with senior Ministers and officials in all three countries, deepening relationships and exploring opportunities for new geothermal projects. The Mission gave Cluff an ideal platform to communicate our vision for geothermal energy development in the region, and we were delighted that a short time later Cluff Geothermal were shortlisted for Phase II of Kenya’s Menengai project.

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Cluff Geothermal welcome positive changes to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

21 September 2012

The Government's decision to introduce a dedicated RHI tariff for deep geothermal heat is warmly welcomed by Cluff Geothermal. The announcement was made as part of the consultation on the RHI published by DECC on 20 September 2012; previously deep geothermal heat generation had been included in the same tariff as large scale ground source heat pumps, a completely different technology. The proposed new tariff of 5p per kilowatt hour of heat produced reflects the risk profile associated with deep geothermal projects and the very early stage of the sector in the UK.

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Landmark Report on UK Geothermal Potential

1 June 2012

A report released this week by the Renewable Energy Association reveals the huge potential for deep geothermal energy in the UK. Produced by independent geothermal engineering experts SKM, the report reveals that the hot rocks deep below our feet could provide as much power as nine nuclear power stations and as much heat as is used in the UK for space heating in one year.

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George Percy meets with President Museveni in Uganda

30 May 2012

President Yoweri Museveni met with George Percy, Managing Director of Cluff Geothermal, at Kisozi in Uganda’s central region on 24th May to discuss Uganda’s geothermal resource potential and the Ugandan energy sector as a whole.

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X Will Mark the Spot For Cluff Geothermal Borehole

11 April 2012

Cluff Geothermal have commissioned research to identify the ideal location for their geothermal borehole at Shiremoor, North Tyneside. This will produce a model of the site’s geology, helping the Cluff team understand the likely rock structure at depth.

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Cluff Applauds Greg Barker’s Backing for Geothermal Energy.

13 March 2012

Cluff Geothermal Managing Director George Percy welcomed DECC Minister Greg Barker’s support for deep geothermal energy in an interview in REA News. Mr Barker declared he was ‘turning his attention to geothermal [energy]’ and would love to see British firms helping to develop geothermal energy potential abroad. He specifically mentioned Kenya, where he had discussed the technology with that country’s Prime Minister.

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Cluff Geothermal Welcomes the Renewable Heat Incentive

11 January 2012

Cluff Geothermal Managing Director George Percy welcomed the deployment of the Renewable Heat Incentive, and predicted that it will drive a rapid expansion of geothermal heat in the UK.

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Cluff Geothermal Shortlisted for Bogoria Silali Power Plant development

1 November 2011

Cluff Geothermal Ltd (‘CGL’) can confirm that they have been shortlisted as part of a consortium made up of Mitsubishi, Mannvitt and TransCentury for a power project at the Bogoria Silali geothermal prospect in Kenya.

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Cluff Geothermal Shortlisted for Menegai Power Plant Development

1 August 2011

Cluff Geothermal Ltd (‘CGL’) advises that, as part of a consortium, it has been shortlisted from 26 groups who submitted an Expression of Interest to develop 4 x 100 MW power plants at Menengai Geothermal Prospect in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. The consortium includes Mitsubishi, Mannvitt and TransCentury and will prepare a detailed submission for an RFP to be provided by the Geothermal Development Company (‘GDC’).

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Cluff Geothermal and Lafarge Agreement Set To Establish ‘UK First’ At Eastgate

14 March 2011

Cluff Geothermal Limited has entered into an exclusive agreement with Lafarge Cement UK to explore the potential of the geothermal energy source at the site of the proposed Eastgate Renewable Energy Village in County Durham. The plans will see the first commercial generation of hot water in the UK through the geothermal process.

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